Seminar and Workshop 2019

Date and Venue

Tuesday, 17 to Friday, 20 September, 2019
NTNU Dragvoll campus, Trondheim, Norway

Schedule and Programme

Participants from Ochanomizu University

Ishii-Kuntz, Masako (INTPART Member)
Shin, Ki-young (INTPART Member)
Kodama, Ryoko (INTPART Member)
Yoshihara, Kumi (INTPART Member)
Matsuda, Kozue (PhD Student, INTPART student exchange programme participant)
Shimokawa, Yoriko (Master’s Student, INTPART student exchange programme participant)


The Seminar and Workshop 2019 was held from 17 to 20 September, 2019 at NTNU Dragvoll campus, Trondheim. Participants from Japan included INTPART members of Ochanomizu University and graduate students who were visiting NTNU on the student exchange programme. On this occasion, researchers from Japan also conducted fieldwork research in Norway.

Contents of sessions

Since the preparation period, project members at IGS and CGR had built close relationships through frequent email exchanges and quarterly video meetings, but the topics of those early stage communications were mostly concerned with practical matters. Discussions held at the September 2019 gathering enabled us to produce a solid foundational perspective on the project. Furthermore, for Ochanomizu members, direct contact with CGR members’ enthusiasm for gender studies research and education was deeply inspiring. This experience assured all participants that this collaboration would inspire other researchers and students at Ochanomizu University and facilitate the further innovation of research and education at the university.

Throughout the seminar and workshop, it was confirmed that the international comparative research conducted by NJ_BREGED does not determine an inferior-superior contrast based on international index rankings of gender equality, but makes comprehensive and careful comparisons focusing on cultural and social differences and similarities between Norway and Japan. This was an essential step in setting the project perspective and for sharing that among members. The details of future project work were discussed as well, such as making reading lists on gender equality issues in Norway and Japan, a tentative schedule for anthology publication, and the formation of comparative research projects.

The Seminar and Workshop 2020 will be held at Ochanomizu University and that will be theprovide an opportunity to present the further progress of the NJ_BREGED project.

Please visit the seminar report on the NJ_BREGED webpage on the NTNU website too.