Seminar and Workshop

An annual seminar and workshop will be held at NTNU and Ochanomizu University alternately: in 2019 at NTNU, in 2020 At Ochanomizu University and in 2021 at NTNU.

Details about the seminars and workshops can be found at the links below.


Seminar and Workshop 2020

Online international symposium 'The Egalitarian Norway: Scrutinizing the "Success Story"' was held on 30 November 2020.

Crick here for the detail of the symposium.

Crick Here for the symposium report.

Seminar and Workshop 2019

The Seminar and Workshop 2019 was held from 17 to 20 September, 2019 at NTNU Dragvoll campus, Trondheim. Participants from Japan included INTPART members of Ochanomizu University and graduate students who were visiting NTNU on the student exchange programme. On this occasion, researchers from Japan also conducted fieldwork research in Norway.

More about Seminar and Workshop 2019.