During the project period, graduate students, and researchers of Ochanomizu University and NTNU will visit Norway and Japan to conduct research about gender issues in both countries and to exchange research.

Ochanomizu Summer Program, which invites students of partner universities, cooperates by providing intensive courses about Japanese society and culture for the NTNU students visiting Japan. Activities for Ochanomizu students in Norway will be individually designed based on their research proposals.

Researchers conduct their research projects in Norway and Japan. When visiting NTNU and Ochanomizu University, guest lectures and other research exchange events will be held.

The detail of the mobility programme sorted by year is presented below and please visit marked links too.

Mobility 2023

Call for Research Proposals 2023: Ochanomizu Students Research at NTNU

Research at NTNU 2023

Information Session: Mon. 24 April 2023
Submission Deadline: Fri. 19 May 2023

Guidelines PDF(Japanese)
Proposal Form Word

Mobility 2020

Call for Research Proposals: Ochanomizu Students Research at NTNU

Research at NTNU 2020
Information Session: Wed. 22 Jan. 2020
Submission Deadline: Fri. 21 Feb. 2020

Guidelines PDF (Japanese)
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Mobility 2019

NTNU Students in Japan
From 18 July to 15 August, 2019, three NTNU MA students visited Japan to participate in the student exchange programme including the Ochanomizu Summer Program.
Ochanomizu Students in Norway
In August and September 2019, two graduate students from Ochanomizu University visited Norway to participate in the INTPART student exchange programme, including research activities and attending classes.
NTNU Researchers in Japan and Research Exchange
In October 2019, a PhD candidate at NTNU visited Japan to research transgender issues in Japan. Conducting interviews and being acquainted with a potential research collaborator enabled him to establish a foothold for future research in Japan..
Ochanomizu Researchers in Norway and Research Exchange
In September 2019, during the period the Seminar and Workshop 2019 was held at NTNU, some members also conducted research in Norway and a guest lecture was held.